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Specialized in private mortgage financing

Our expertise offers innovative solutions and a turnkey turnkey loan management service guaranteeing performance and peace of mind.

Make your money grow

Real estate is one of the most stable and consistent investment sectors,
offering growth and stability even in uncertain times.
Passive real estate investment has become a popular alternative to investing
in the stock market, thanks to its stability and guaranteed return.
As a passive co-lender, you secure your loan amount without no risk while benefiting from stable, predictable returns. Whether you're looking to diversify your portfolio or simply want to shelter your assets away the instability of the stock market, real estatereal estate is a wise choice!
A proven reputation

For 20 years

Gestion Immo has developed a business model that gives everyone access to private financing, giving you the opportunity to grow your money with a guaranteed, predictable return.

We offer a turnkey, hassle-free service designed specifically for you. Take advantage of our experience to earn a passive monthly return is an ideal choice for creating a portfolio tailored to your personal needs.

We pride ourselves on building trusting relationships that lead to successful long-term collaborations and help you achieve your financial goals.

Follow in the footsteps of many who have succeeded thanks to our expertise.

Performance overview


90% of millionaires became millionaires by investing in real estate.

- Andrew Carnegie

Recruitment and verification

We recruit and conduct due diligence on the borrower, the property and the project. 

We'll take care of the paperwork!

We draw up contracts and take care of renewals and receipts.

Money never sleeps!

Following a release, your money can be immediately reinvested in a new project.


  • 1st mortgage
  • Loan-to-value ratio between 60% and 80%.
  • Residential, semi-commercial, multi-residential, land
  • Tour of the building to be financed
  • Due diligence on the borrower and the property
  • Validation of an exit plan
  • The preferred type of guarantee will be on income properties (with the possibility of seizing income).
  • Quick exit plan (6-16 month term)
Gestion Immo Granby

Do business with us

  • We have a vast network of borrowers and a long-standing reputation for reliability in selecting the files we finance.
  • Our honest advice and years of experience will give you peace of mind from start to finish.
  • We offer more flexible terms than banks. Maximize your returns with our straightforward process and industry knowledge.
  • Gestion Immo listens to your needs to enhance your experience and offer you maximum returns.
  • None of our passive co-lenders have had their capital affected, demonstrating our unwavering and reliable commitment to you.

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